Product Tag - เครื่องอัดเศษวัสดุพร้อมแยกของเหลว

  • เครื่องอัดเศษวัสดุพร้อมแยกของเหลว HSM รุ่น FluidEx 600

    The HSM PET FluidEx 600 empties quickly and reliably those full PET bottles, carton based packaging containers and cans which have been filled or labelled incorrectly or where the sell-by date has been exceeded. The containers thrown in via the loading funnel are pulled in by the 4-roller mechanism and almost completely emptied. Small pieces of plastic and labels are removed from the liquid using a filter system and the liquid is then discharged using a dedicated system. The hinged loading funnel means that the machine can be easily cleaned. A high performance, low space requirement and the possibility to integrate the machine into existing recycling processes are the decisive advantages of the HSM PET FluidEx 600.


    • Perforation of full PET bottles, carton based packaging containers and cans
    • Containers emptied by up to 98 %
    • Optimum removal of any remaining liquids using the 4 shaft technology
    • Low space requirement
    • Both manual and automatic filling possible
    • Cutting unit made of specially hardened and ground steel
    • Durable and robust – for a long life-cycle
    • Intake shafts ensure that the PET bottles are fed reliably into the cutting unit
    • Specific discharge system for liquids via hose or pump
    • Easy to clean due to inspection flap
    • Ideal as compliment to the HSM Baling presses